Asos Skinny Chinos – the smartest cheat on the market

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE loves a bargain and here is the best cheat I can give you. I selfishly didn’t want to share this one as I don’t want ASOS to ever sell out but I’m feeling in a generous mood.

So where to start? Well firstly ASOS are very good at what they do. It’s not just the speed and efficiency they demonstrate from order to delivery although that is extremely quick but it’s also the customer service they provide. The bag it’s delivered in can be reused with self seal closure and the returns sticker is idiot proof and they should be commended for that but anyway…….. the chinos…..

They are perfect for smart casual at work with an open neck shirt, playing golf ( material has a bit of stretch for picking the ball out of the hole ) but also they look amazing with a shirt, blazer and a smart shoe   Although the pic below are not the ones I have recently purchased they are a sand pair also from ASOS of course
So here are the recently purchased ones..
They really are the most all round accompanyment to any wardrobe and I haven’t even told you the best bit yet, they cost £34 for the pair!!!! That’s right just THIRTY FOUR POUNDS

That’s just £17 each!!!! BARGAIN

Dress them up with a blazer, shirt and brogue or loafer, dress them down with a tee-shirt and pumps or sport them up with a polo shirt and golf shoe, either way they look good
So where can you get them

Or more precisely…….|attribute_934:2286|brand:53&currentpricerange=10-140&pgesize=36

Enjoy your purchase and as I said earlier for a great quality, excellently fitted trouser and a ridiculously low price look no further

It’s been emotional

Stylish Smithy


Monday Morning Commuter Quick Tips

Well this is my first real attempt at a blog so it may ramble for a bit as I go but wanted to give you a true representation of me and what I am about.

I am not better than anyone else, and in life we all see things differently, for example I can’t speak a foreign language (and I’ve tried) yet some people can. They aren’t better or worse than me but I value their input when I need it. The same can be said for clothing and with this blog I am just giving my input.

So today I am on the train into London for work and looking around there are just so many examples of poorly dressed lads that could do with a little refinement but obviously don’t realise it or know what to do to change it. I fully appreciate its early and you just want to get out the house (I do too) but I want to share these quick learnings to potentially offer some help……

So a couple of immediate No-No’s to get started

  1. Navy Suit and Black shoes is not a great look, get some brown or tan shoes
  2. If you do listen to point 1 get a belt that matches. Black belt and brown shoes is not good
  3. If the option is there, wear a belt. Trousers without is just plain weird
  4. Chinos with black work shoes – Shoot me now

See how easy it is to refine and style when you know how.

I don’t want everyone going out and buying designer clothes either, that isn’t going to look any better without the basics and will just be a more expensive disaster.

Work train basics

  1. If you’ve got a work satchel/Briefcase – Match the colours with the accessories (Belt and Shoes)
  2. If you have a coat with a suit make sure it’s not a Parker, you need a more refined overcoat
  3. Socks need to match, yes most of the time you can’t see them but when they make and appearance don’t get caught out. (Match the shoes)
  4. Rule of thumb – Blue Suit with Brown Shoes, Grey Suit with Black Shoes, Black Suit with Black Shoes (matching belts and bags remember)
  5. Chinos are always a tricky one and need more work depending on the nature of the overall look but as a rule of thumb I dress mine with a brown shoe, it’s just easier that way

Now don’t feel awkward if this is you, it happens. Let’s remember that tomorrow is another day and if you’ve put it right then well done you.

Good luck and thanks for reading