Foo Fighters – O2 Arena 19th September 2017

For me there are 2 live bands that are quite simply the best on the planet right now and I’ve seen them both in the last 3 months. Radiohead is one of them but for pure entertainment and a sing/scream back catalogue look no further than the Foo Fighters

They just get better with age like a fine wine and last night they were determined to rock the place to its foundations.
Dave Grohl was at his impish best and drops the f bomb in such a way that it’s not in the slightest offensive and creates an involuntary response of “YEAH!!!!” to anything he actually says.

The set list was as follows

I’ll Stick Around

All My Life

Learn to Fly

The Sky Is a Neighborhood

La Dee Da

The Pretender

These Days

Rope (extended outro Fleetwood Mac Black Magic Women)

Tie Your Mother Down(Queen cover) (Band intros during first verse )

Cold Day in the Sun



Dirty Water

Make It Right (live debut)

My Hero


Skin and Bones

This Is a Call


White Limo


Times Like These

Sunday Rain

Monkey Wrench

Never Gonna Give You Up (with Rick Astley)

Best of You


As you can see it was pretty extensive and rolled back the years as well as adding in some new stuff which actually sounds better live than on the album but a dare say a bit of emotion drove me to that decision given the occasion.

For the record and as an example of the way the Foo Fighters love their audience some random shouted “White Limo” so they abandoned the set list and started playing it, class.

Grohl then whipped the crowd up continuously asking if they could out sing him? He replied “no you can’t and I’ll buy every one of you a f***ing drink if you do!” Which of course creates the response mentioned earlier in my blog “YEAH!!!!” ………..incidentally I’d like to think I had a good go and have no voice this morning so if you are reading this Mr Grohl I’ll have a Large Gin & Tonic mate, thanks.

My Hero is always the point in a Foo Fighters gig when they start to kick in and the crowd gets involved and last night was no exception. It’s such a brilliant tune and the whole crowd were belting it out with the band.

Towards the end there was a very weird twist with a rendition of “Never gonna give you up” with Ricky Astley, yeah that’s right the Stock Aitkin and Waterman 80s crooner Rick Astley!!!!! Grohl again was brilliant in his introduction “I’ve only just met this f***ing guy!” Followed by Rick they screaming an F bomb response to the crowd before flying into the track…… I hate to admit it but it kinda worked and of course I knew the words too ( not my proudest moment )

They then obviously finished with Everlong and we were done, apart from a kebab and chips on the way home

I got a quick Video of the end of “times like these” to share the quality but was too busy enjoying myself to stand holding my mobile all night…… this is the Foo Fighters….

This pic of the “man” is a bit sketchy but it just highlights his stage presence as he flies across the stage like he’s doing his first ever gig and head bangs to guitar riffs like he’s in ecstasy 

If you get the chance to go and see them please do, it’s not cheap but a band like this command the respect and premium cost and they appreciate it and in return give you a memory that lasts for ever!!!!

It’s been emotional 

Stylish Smithy


Real Estate Band – Roundhouse 13th June

It’s a great feeling when our tickets come through for a band you’ve been dying to see. Real estate are a rock band from Ridgewood New Jersey formed in 2009 who had a brilliant album called “Atlas” in 2014 and have recently followed it up with “In Mind”

They are quite chilled and the track “talking backwards” off Atlas does have an early Stone Roses feel about it.

Just need the 13th June to happen now……. maybe see you there?

Stylish Smiffy Real Estate Band Tickets