Hi my name’s Russ and I’m just a normal fella who likes to dress well, eat and drink well and get to a bit of sport every now and then. Fashion is subjective it’s true but I can assist with ideas and style to suit any occasion and budget.  I do buy some high end stuff but that’s just me, equally you can always see me looking for a bargain too in the high street.

If I can help then great….. I work in sales, love music and most sports and it’s this lifestyle that drives the “fashion passion.”

My team is Luton Town but that’s irrelevant really as all footy fans just love the day out.  Away days on the train are always a bit of fun regardless of the result.  The music scene for me is “indie” but anything with a guitar is all good in my world. So if you love music, footy, a few beers and need some inspiration I am here blogging away.